A Guardian In Your Sky

  • Precision Agriculture
  • Mining Industry
  • Map/Land Surveying
  • Fire and Hazard surveillance
  • Tower & Infrastructure Inspection
  • Law Enforcement
  • Real Estate
  • Training Program


The Core of Our Work‚Äč

Sky Guardian is exempt by the Federal Aviation Administration, Section 333, to safely operate unmanned aerial vehicles, and is offering services in the following fields, but not limited to:

Let us guard your sky, your business and your future.

     Sky Guardian is offering alternative services to current methods of inspections, as well as finding new applications for UAS, to help business and agencies grow and operate more efficiently.  We are dedicated to the safe operation of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems, while eliminating risk, in hopes to save your company unnecessary cost and potential loss of life. 

     Sky Guardian is also offering training services for businesses seeking to integrate their own Unmanned Aerial Systems within their company.  Please send us an email for information or questions regarding our services or training.

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